Carpinangola was created in late 2010, in an international growth strategy of Carpincasais and part of the Casais Group, which has been operating in the Angolan market since 1999.Since then, the conquest of this market has been exponential. We invest in local production, incorporating domestic raw materials, mainly wood, using only imports of wood products and hardware, articles for which there is still no domestic production.

The industrial unit is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, allowing the production and finishing of a wide variety of carpentry articles with quality and speed, together with the constitution of a highly qualified and multidisciplinary technical team, allowing us to respond to the diverse needs of customers, close to all projects and the timely response to all works in Luanda and in the other provinces of Angola.

The commitment to individual training has allowed the creation of qualified personnel in several departmental areas ranging from Commercial, Management Control, Procurement, Production and Assembly.

The importance of the growth of a more just and prosperous society has led us to contribute to projects of social solidarity, especially with the Orphanage Santa Isabel and the Project "Do Good, is Good", thus assuming our social responsibility.

We continue to invest in the production process with the construction of a new industrial unit, with a larger deployment area, duplicating the existing one, equipped with new equipment, not only to increase production capacity, but also to diversify supply, with the design and development of new carpentry products.

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