CarpinAngola launches innovative product in August

CarpinAngola, based on its strategy of differentiating itself from the competition, is preparing to launch, next August, an innovative product on the market. It is the “Kit Porta e Aro”, a set with all the necessary accessories for its installation, which makes it possible for those who acquire to assemble their door without difficulty.

The coordinating director of CarpinAngola, Carlos Leite, says, in an exclusive interview with FORBES, that the company's objective is to achieve autonomy in local production of this type of equipment, in order to reduce the need for imports and ensures that the “Kite Porta e Aro ”will be available for resale and distribution in all provinces of the country.

In addition to this new concept, the company intends to continue working and developing its line of school furniture, as well as others, from wardrobes, bathroom furniture, kitchens and other loose pieces.

“The company is working in a modular way, in order to be able to easily adapt to different projects, forming combinations according to the customers' choices, whose typologies are already pre-defined, being therefore an affordable industrial product and of superior quality ”, he says.

The raw materials that incorporate the production of carpentry and furniture items come from different countries. In the case of solid wood, for example, CarpinAngola essentially uses the domestic market and only uses imports "when the work is more demanding in terms of quantity or quality of wood".

As for wood products, including medium density fiberboard, such as plywood, veneers and phenolic resins, specifies Carlos Leite, they are all imported, as there are no manufacturers locally. However, he stresses, the finishing raw material, such as paints and varnishes, is acquired internally.


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